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Gain Compliance Confidence

Since our founding, Praxis Med has prioritized compliance in our operational procedures. We were on the leading edge of compliance services, providing complete e-pedigree documentation with every medication, even before it was widely required.  Our goal is to give customers confidence in their purchase and worry-free compliance with current and coming regulations. Praxis Med is compliant with the requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Our compliance commitment:

Track-and-trace compliance support

Documentation in compliance with DSCSA is provided with every order and available 24/7 via our online customer portal.


Information on our product suppliers is clear is readily available to our customers.

Product integrity

Praxis Med works with only a select group of suppliers, which we fully vet to ensure the products we purchase meet all regulatory requirements and won’t put our pharmacy customers at any regulatory risk.

Regulatory relationships

Praxis Med maintains a working relationship with the Missouri Board of Pharmacy, additionally Praxis is in the process of VAWD accreditation, a process begun before the Optum Rx requirement. Our Optum Rx extension is available upon request.

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